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Plankhouse Lecture Series
May 22, 2005

Photography by Noel Johnson - Click to enlarge.

  • 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Plankhouse Lecture Series
  • Living on the Edge: How Chinookans used Geology to Chose Where to Live
  • Alex Bourdeau, USFWS Archaeologist
  • Abstract: Native Americans living in the Pacific Northwest faced significant challenges in choosing where to build their homes and pursue their livelihoods. The Northwest is noted for its active volcanoes, seismic instability and catastrophic landslides. Major rivers in the area provided abundant fish resources, but like all rivers, were prone to flooding. Archaeological evidence strongly suggests that the Chinookan peoples along the Columbia were undaunted by these challenges. In fact, it appears they not only tolerated episodic catastrophes but quickly took advantage of the changed conditions these events left in their wake. We'll look at two settlements where careful engineering allowed the Chinookan people to live both comfortably and safely.
  • Bio: Alex is an archaeologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. His area of interest focuses on the geological processes that have formed and changed the Columbia River and how geologic events are reflected in the archaeological record.
  • Open to the public. Suggested $5 donation supports the CPP Education Endowment Fund

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