Northwest Hover-In

August 15, 16 and 17, 2008
Pekin Ferry
34115 NW Pekin Ferry Rd
Ridgefield, WA 98642
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DIRECTIONS: Take I-5 freeway to EXIT 16. If you are traveling North, turn left at the stop sign. Traveling south turn right at the stop sign. Stay on that road, it will have two (2) 90 degree turns, first to the right then to the left. Make the turns, the road will change names, ignore that, the last name should be Pekin Ferry Road. If you miss the road sign that's ok, just don't make any turns after the second 90. Follow the road to the end. If you see a wind mill on your right shortly after the second 90 then you're on the correct road. It may look like you're going into the pucky brush (you are), but it's asphault all the way to the end. The last quarter mile will be only about 1 lane wide.
If you have any questions mail me at "bandit1538 at yahoo dot com". I hope to see all the people from last year plus a hover load of new people. Tell all your hover buddies to come. Thank You..........Pat Conrad

Click here for pictures of the 2009 event.

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Hovercraft enthusiasts from far and wide descended on Pekin Ferry Moorage for the 2008 Northwest Hover-In. Pekin Ferry Moorage is close to Woodland, Ridgefield and La Center. Pekin Landing was one of the first settlements in the area. Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, home of Birdfest, is only a few miles to the west. Click here for more pictures.

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