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January 28, 2011 - Ridgefield Events

February 4 will be declared 'South Ridge Day' by Mayor Ron Onslow in recognition of 'Over 50 Years of Excellence.' The community is invited to a short assembly recognizing this day on February 4 at 2:45 in the gym. Information: 619-1500.

Union Ridge Elementary will host their annual Daddy/Daughter dance February 5. Information: 887-1014.

Washington Surveying and Rating Bureau has improved the fire protection class for the City of Ridgefield and Clark County Fire & Rescue from a Class 5 to a Class 4. The change will take effect May 1st, and could result in a savings on fire insurance premiums for home owners and business owners. Check with your insurance provider to see what your savings will be. Information: Chief Dennis Mason at 887-2609.

Indoor cycling is coming soon to Northwest Workouts in Ridgefield. Call or e-mail Stacy for more information, as she'd like feedback regarding the best days and class times for these very popular and effective group classes. 425-941-8801 or stacyhope@comcast.net.

Alcove Art Gallery is celebrating Valentine's Day during the month of February by offereing 10% off any purchase of $20 or more. Come in and see the wide assortment of fine art, jewelry, pottery, fabric creations, cards, prints, gifts and more! Information: 727-3088.

Students at Union Ridge Elementary are selling See's Candies as a fund raiser - if you know a student at the school, you can order candy through next Tuesday, February 1. Information: 887-1014.


I need wood for a project to beautify downtown Ridgefield. If you have new or used 4x4's three feet or longer, or 2x4's in lengths of at least 2 feet, please call me. 887-2160.

News and ideas from Elizabeth Madrigal.

"As you know, I am personally very interested in seeing Ridgefield designated as an arts and cultural destination, but there are more than a few ways to achieve this. Certainly having tourist facilities, the reserve, the Cathlapotle plankhouse, a public bathroom in our new Overlook Park and the emerging galleries and businesses will have a major impact - along with the Port's proposed waterfront development - but I have another idea to add to the hat

We are already so picturesque, why not create a plan and seek grants to create a more historic downtown with the purpose of attracting visitors and tourists but also of attracting the film industry as a 'living' location? Towns like Nevada City, California, have been doing this for eons.

This may seem pretty far-fetched to some, but with the new show, Portlandia, being broadcast nationally, Portland is going to attract more people than just Gus Van Sant. And admit it, Ridgefield is already like living in the 50's. Why not go 100%? If we got urban grants to do it, the business people in town would love it!

It would also stimulate other businesses with the same 50's theme. Wouldn't it be fun to have a soda fountain and a real drug store (again)? Think of all the businesses that would hear about us and fight over the land by the freeway as executives and their wives love living in 'quaint' places. We've got too many empty houses here and I personally want to see our land values go back up."

Call Elizabeth at 887-4530 if you have ideas or questions.

Congratulations to the citizens of Ridgefield who participated in the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon: Angela Shields, Darin Shields, Patrick Leonti, Celia Trusty, and Russell Trusty.


South Ridge Elementary will have their annual carnival on February 26th from 5-8pm. The theme this year is 'Over 50 years of Excellence at South Ridge,' and it's sponsored by the PTA. Volunteers are needed to help serve food and work the game rooms. If you can volunteer, please contact Shelley Hutley at hutleyhouse@aol.com. The public is invited to attend this great event, which raises money for projects, grants, assemblies and programs at South Ridge Elementary. There are games, food, raffles and a silent auction.

Next week, February 4, Ridgefield celebrates First Friday - if you haven't been before now's a good time to start. The downtown stores will be open until 8:00, with specials of all kinds. Many have refreshments and libations. More information on that next week!

The Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up - February 18-21. It's sponsored by Audubon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and there is more information on the GBBC website. You can also become a fan on the GBBC FaceBook page.

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