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WalMart - 11:13 a.m. 9/23/2007
I would love to have a WalMart in Woodland.

Francis McKernan - woodland, washington

Good news!! - 2:16 p.m. 9/13/2007
I am excited and privileged to publicly share the newest developments about the swimming and recreational facility planned near Horseshoe Lake Park. Before doing so, and since this matter has been contested and delayed to the extent that the public probably no longer knows the status of the project, here is a short, historical recap: The Woodland Community Swimming Pool Committee (“WCSPC”) is a privately organized charitable group with the mission of enhancing the Woodland community through the building of a swimming and recreational facility via private donations. This group has been diligently working on this mission now for more than ten years, consulting various experts for the purposes of determining the optimal construction, location and operation of the facility. Unfortunately, the project has experienced delays due to a multitude of reasons, but primarily associated with ongoing opposition and litigation by a small faction of citizens who have contested the construction of any portion of the facility in Horseshoe Lake Park. A lawsuit was brought six years ago, alleging amongst a number of things, that the facility would compromise the park space and the City did not have authority to convey property for the purposes of the project. Fortunately, we endured and (the City) prevailed at every step through legal appeals all the way to the state supreme court. Despite this victory, the delay due to the litigation, as well as the resulting public perception, took significant wind out of our sails in completing the project. Momentum was regained recently, however, in the form of the YMCA committing to operation of the facility after they analyzed and confirmed that the project was properly positioned at the most viable location in Woodland to succeed as proposed by the WCSPC.

Now we have more good news to report. The facility has been reconfigured so that it now fits completely within the private property immediately adjacent to Horseshoe Lake Park. In fact, no portion of Horseshoe Lake Park needs to be conveyed or dedicated for the facility under this new plan. This is significant for a number of reasons: 1) It will alleviate the alleged concerns of the opposition about using park space for the facility and finally purge anybody from politicizing this issue any longer; (2) The existing boat ramp and the impacts a facility in the park would have on it are now resolved. By placing the facility outside the park, this issue becomes moot; (3) The private property on which the facility will be located would be donated, thereby relieving further costs associated with the project; (4) Placing the facility within private property frees the construction process from several legislative entanglements that would otherwise possibly apply (e.g. Davis Beacon Act, Shoreline permitting, etc.). (5) Placing the facility on private property will also relieve the City of various issues regarding concerns of any liability of a facility being located in the park. This revised plan includes that the WCSPC will participate to improve the roads and parking within the park.

All of our experts (architects, the YMCA, engineers) have confirmed that this new location is not only feasible, but presents the optimal arrangement in light of the circumstances and dynamics surrounding the history of the project. This good news will hopefully dispel any public perception or rumor that the WCSPC is not acting in the interests of the community. Every effort has been made to accommodate the concerns of the public, the culmination of which is this new (and final) location for the facility. That being said, there are still some hurdles to overcome before this dream can finally become a reality.

Permits and processes need to be addressed and obtained regarding the new site. Additionally, donations still need to be procured to ensure optimal facilities and long term viability of the project. Obviously, our work is not done yet, but as the issues alleged by the opposition have now been fully relieved by this new location, wouldn’t it be great and galvanizing for this community if those that were at one time against the project now were joining in with the rest of us to financially and emotionally support this worthy cause? That would truly help to make this dream become a reality for our community.

Benno A.P. Dobbe
President of the WCSPC

Benno Dobbe - Woodland, WA

Indoor Swim Pool? - 9:39 a.m. 1/27/2007
I am fairly new to this area and am still trying to find out if there is a plan for the near future or existing an indoor pools anywhere close to Woodland or La Center. I saw that last year there was a community meeting about a proposed swim pool, can you update me on that or point me to any more information.
thanks much!
s. turner
I have aLa Center address, but closer in proximity to Woodland

S Turner - La Center Wa

Snowstorm. - 7:55 p.m. 1/23/2007
Click on URL below or cut and paste:

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

frozen - 5:46 p.m. 1/23/2007
Horse shoe lake frozen? wow I want to see pics !

Desiree - woodland wa

Horseshoe Lake Frozen - 4:39 p.m. 1/19/2007
That's cool - I didn't know Horseshoe Lake was frozen this year! I remember one time years ago it was frozen over and we even walked out on it. My grandmother used to live in that house right by Walt's Meats.

My dad remembers when a bunch of high-school aged guys drove a Volkswagen out on Horseshoe when it was frozen. When they went to drive off, both rear tires broke through the thin ice next to shore. Luckily it was close to shore and the front wheels were already on land. The bumper caught on the ice and held it up, so a few guys were able to pick it up and set it on top of the ice again.

It would be awesome to ice skate on the lake if it ever freezes that hard again.

Matthew Farnell - Woodland, WA

Horsshoe Lake frozen. - 4:23 p.m. 1/19/2007
I took pictures of Horseshoe Lake frozen all the way across. I have heard it has frozen in the past. Tell us your memories of when the Lake was frozen before.

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA

the pool - 11:36 a.m. 10/27/2006
I hope the community will support the next levy to build a new high school for Woodland. The high school is overcrowded and the community needs a new one. These are our future leaders and they need a good education to do the job right! As an outsider (not a resident of Woodland) it seems the issue of the pool might be easily solved with the new high school; if the high school plans include a pool like most high schools of any significant size has, it would provide the students a new source of physical education, could train students in job skills (life guard training) and provide the community with recreational use! all in one effort!

Chere Weiss - Woodland, WA - USA

Thanks Noel - 9:47 p.m. 10/4/2006
Hi Noel,

I want to commend you and thank you for the wonderful job you do for our community. I love this forum and think it will be another great asset to the people of Woodland. Also, I want to thank you for your wonderful speach at the pool meeting the other night..........You ROCK......Aloha Dave and Jackie Petersen

Dave Petersen - Woodland, WA - USA

New Council Member - 7:09 p.m. 10/3/2006
From: Mari E. Ripp

Date: October 3, 2006

Subject: Marilee McCall Appointed to City Council

It is with great pleasure that the City of Woodland wishes to announce the appointment of Marilee McCall as the new councilmember, position no. 3 for the City of Woodland. The appointment followed candidate presentations and an interview process at the October 2nd regular council meeting. The term of office began immediately upon appointment at the October 2, 2006 council meeting and continues through November 2007 or until after the election is certified.

Marilee has resided in Woodland for 2 years, grew up in Castle Rock and is a lifelong resident of Cowlitz County. She currently works at Clark County Community Planning. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the position as councilmember. Her previous experience serving on boards or commissions includes the Masonic Lodge/Rainbow Girls, American Cancer Society fundraising-Clark Co. team for Komen Race for the Cure.

Some things that are of particular interest to her are protection of the Lewis River waterfront and habitat; smart development that protects homes in the flood plain and invests in the future of the city; and continuing to welcome new businesses by working with the Port of Woodland.

McCall was sworn in and took office on October 2, 2006. She can be reached at mccallm@ci.woodland.wa.us

Noel Johnson - Woodland, WA - USA

Viewing Messages 21-30 (33 messages)

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